High View Primary School

The pupils and teachers at High view Primary School were fully engaged and intrigued by the workshop. 

Here is what we did...

Year 2 teacher Ms Williams got involved with the sensory box experience wearing the JamJam Can! cape and blindfold. The children were filled with excitement as Mrs Williams was blindfolded and had to use her other senses to guess the items she pulled out of the box.

Tamika shared that sometimes she found gymnastics difficult. The class joined in together saying the repeated phrase from the book JamJam Can! Replacing the name JamJam with Tamika, “Tamika was a hero with a master plan when others thought she’d fail, Tamika said…”

 “I CAN!” Tamika stood in front of the class boldly using her most powerful voice to say “I CAN!”


Reinforcing the message

Reinforcing the “I can” message is a powerful tool to help build Children’s confidence. 

The whole class was keen to participate in the activities, it was important to try to give as many children as possible the opportunity to join in. 

The children had lots of their own questions and demonstrated their understanding through answering questions at the end of the session. 

On a personal reflection, the  most rewarding part of the workshop at High view school  was the Children’s comments after the workshop had ended.

A lot of the children shared that they wanted to meet JamJam and spoke about how much they had learnt and enjoyed the workshop, some asking if we would return. 

It is a great joy to be able to share JamJam’s journey with children and to teach them about Trisomy 13. Raising awareness about disabilities is helping to breakdown barriers and enable disabled people to be more readily accepted.

Additionally, encouraging children to know that they can overcome their challenges with the right support and to reinforce the message that it’s okay to be different brings us at TriLife Education tremendous satisfaction. 

Professional Experience

Serena Pascall is the author of JamJam Can! She has a BA (Hons) degree in Education. 

Serena has 15-years experience working across primary and further education, nursery to post-16. She also has 12-years experience in youth work, as well as over 20-years parenting experience. 

In addition to teaching from the early years and primary curriculum, Serena has experience teaching children with disabilities and complex needs across primary and post-16 education. 


Serena’s experience extends further to delivering speech and language sessions as well as occupational therapy sessions. 

Serena enjoys writing, reading, listening to podcasts, and spending quality time with her family. 

Fun fact: Serena’s favourite sound in the world is children laughing

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“Our mission is to empower children to know it's okay to be different, to reinforce a can-do attitude, develop resilience, empathy and understanding through education about disabilities".

." - Serena Pascall - TriLife Education Founder

Fun Educational Workshop

- JamJam Can! theme song
- Use a syringe to PEG feed Buzz
- Interaction
- Empowerment

Learn New Vocabulary

- PEG Fed
- Chromosome
- Disability
- Visually Impaired
- Trisomy 13

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Bespoke Sessions

- PEG Feeding Experience
- Feely Box Experience
- Learn about senses
- Raising Awareness about disability
- Trisomy 13 Education
- PEG Feeding Experience

- JamJam Can! theme song
- Use a syringe to PEG feed Buzz
- Interaction
- Empowerment

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Embedded Within Our Workshops

  • - Every child is a unique child
  • - Build positive relationships with disabled people
  • - Provides an enabling platform to educate children about disability
  • - Reinforces the principle that children learn and develop at different rates
  • - The importance of being inclusive and to respect diversity
  • - Making positive choices
  • - Understanding feelings
  • - Positive interactions with disabled people
  • - Challenge unconscious bias

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