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When life gives you lemons…make lemon pie!

Serena Pascall is an energetic mother of six plus two stepdaughters. Her attitude of gratitude and zeal for life is exactly what propelled her into raising awareness of disabilities.  Serena’s sixth child JamJam was born with the rare life-limiting condition Patau Syndrome, also referred to as Trisomy 13. JamJam, with the support of his family and all involved in his care, has defied the odds against him on numerous occasions. 

When a 5-year-old child saw JamJam and expressed his disgust towards him, Serena chose to break down the barriers and introduced the child to JamJam. After explaining that JamJam was disabled and that it was okay to be different, the child began to be kinder and more understanding towards JamJam. Serena contemplated how she could use that experience to address unconscious bias and teach children about disability, and so JamJam Can! Her first children’s picture book was created. 


Serena didn’t stop there, her passion and advocacy for Trisomy 13 inspired her to create TriLife Education (Trisomy Life Education). Serena educates children and adults through her unique, engaging and powerful disability awareness workshops.

Mission Statement

To empower children to know it’s okay to be different, to reinforce a can-do attitude, and develop resilience, empathy and understanding through education about disabilities.

Vision Statement

Prepare children to be accepting and accepted in a world of diversity.

Professional Experience

Serena Pascall is the author of JamJam Can! She has a BA (Hons) degree in Education. 

Serena has 15-years experience working across primary and further education, nursery to post-16. She also has 12-years experience in youth work, as well as over 20-years parenting experience. 

In addition to teaching from the early years and primary curriculum, Serena has experience teaching children with disabilities and complex needs across primary and post-16 education. 


Serena’s experience extends further to delivering speech and language sessions as well as occupational therapy sessions. 

Serena enjoys writing, reading, listening to podcasts, and spending quality time with her family. 


Fun fact: Serena’s favourite sound in the world is children laughing

Discuss Our Packages

If you would like to discuss a package for your school please contact us. We have two set packages available. We can customise packages to suit what your establishment requires.

“We aim to support and nurture children’s perceptions about disabilities through education.”Serena Pascall – TriLife Education Founder

Fun Educational Workshop

– JamJam Can! theme song
– Use a syringe to PEG feed Buzz
– Interaction
– Empowerment

Learn New Vocabulary

– PEG Fed
– Chromosome
– Disability
– Visually Impaired
– Trisomy 13

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Bespoke Sessions

– PEG Feeding Experience
– Feely Box Experience
– Learn about senses
– Raising Awareness about disability
– Trisomy 13 Education
– PEG Feeding Experience

– JamJam Can! theme song
– Use a syringe to PEG feed Buzz
– Interaction
– Empowerment

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Embedded Within Our Workshops

  • – Every child is a unique child
  • – Build positive relationships with disabled people
  • – Provides an enabling platform to educate children about disability
  • – Reinforces the principle that children learn and develop at different rates
  • – The importance of being inclusive and to respect diversity
  • – Making positive choices
  • – Understanding feelings
  • – Positive interactions with disabled people
  • – Challenge unconscious bias

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