Clapham Manor Primary School

The workshop at Clapham Manor primary school was a customised package. It was an after school ticketed event,  opened to parents and children across the school. 

Here is what I did...

This was a popular event and tickets sold out. 

Trisomy 13 was unknown to the children, parents and staff. They had some awareness about disabilities but little to no experience or knowledge about tube feeding, and the impact of life living with a person with complex needs.  


Through our workshop, the children and adults learned about tube feeding, different types of disabilities including visible and hidden disabilities. The participants were of mixed ages and were able to learn from one another as we discussed and shared what they understood . The younger children particularly enjoyed the feely box experience and wearing the  ‘JamJam Can’ mask and cape. This experience allowed them to explore items without using their vision and draw on their other senses to describe what item they had. 


It was amazing to see the parents and children dancing and singing together during the ‘JamJam Can’ theme song. I could hear them humming and singing even after the session had ended. Parents are able to purchase and receive signed copies of JamJam Can! 


The participation from the adults and children was brilliant, the children answered the questions to recap the session with confidence showing their understanding and learning about disabilities. All left feeling empowered. 

The feedback was unanimous that all would attend another workshop.


Professional Experience

Serena Pascall is the author of JamJam Can! She has a BA (Hons) degree in Education. 

Serena has 15-years experience working across primary and further education, nursery to post-16. She also has 12-years experience in youth work, as well as over 20-years parenting experience. 

In addition to teaching from the early years and primary curriculum, Serena has experience teaching children with disabilities and complex needs across primary and post-16 education. 


Serena’s experience extends further to delivering speech and language sessions as well as occupational therapy sessions. 

Serena enjoys writing, reading, listening to podcasts, and spending quality time with her family. 

Fun fact: Serena’s favourite sound in the world is children laughing

Discuss Our Packages

If you would like to discuss a package for your school please contact us. We have two set packages available. We can customise packages to suit what your establishment requires.

“Our mission is to support and nurture children’s perceptions about disability through education.”Serena Pascall – TriLife Education Founder

Package 1

Fun Educational Workshop

– JamJam Can! theme song
– Use a syringe to PEG feed Buzz
– Interaction
– Empowerment

Learn New Vocabulary

– PEG Fed
– Chromosome
– Disability
– Visually Impaired
– Trisomy 13

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Package 2 – Catered To Your Needs

Bespoke Sessions

– PEG Feeding Experience
– Feely Box Experience
– Learn about senses
– Raising Awareness about disability
– Trisomy 13 Education
– PEG Feeding Experience

– JamJam Can! theme song
– Use a syringe to PEG feed Buzz
– Interaction
– Empowerment

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Embedded Within Our Workshops

  • – Every child is a unique child
  • – Build positive relationships with disabled people
  • – Provides an enabling platform to educate children about disability
  • – Reinforces the principle that children learn and develop at different rates
  • – The importance of being inclusive and to respect diversity
  • – Making positive choices
  • – Understanding feelings
  • – Positive interactions with disabled people
  • – Challenge unconscious bias

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